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David Blair’s Home Page

David Blair’s Home Page


News (30 June 2015).  An article in Australian Humanist (Summer 2014), Nuclear Power: An Urgent Need, by David, may be viewed by clicking on Nuclear Power and its Role re Climate Change  here.  In addition, that article makes reference to a longer, more technical article by David, Nuclear Power: Why We Must Say ‘Yes‘. Click on the same link to view  this.

Older News.  An article on ethics attracted positive attention from the American Humanist Association.  To view the article, click on Ethics here (or on “Ethics” under “Philosophy of Life” on this Home page).



David lives in Sydney, Australia


About David: Biographical

Professional Work

David retired in 2002, but thereafter worked part-time in an honorary capacity at the Ocean Technology Group at The University of Sydney, until his “second retirement” in 2011.

His research interests there were mainly in the field of sonar.  (Sonar may described, pretty well, as ultrasound imaging in the ocean.)

Click on the main link above for a more full account of David’s Professional Work, including Positions Held, Areas of Research and Publications.

Philosophy of Life, Ethics, etc.

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The Philosophy of Life section contains an introduction and two main sections: Secular Humanism and Psychology of Happiness and Suffering.

Ethics: This section includes an article that has attracted interest.    Ethics has its own page and can be reached directly, if you like, by clicking link on left.

Climate Change and World Issues   Click to go

Nuclear Power and its Role re Climate Change   Click to go

Family History, etc.

Genealogy and Family History

Family stories: A project to write up, centrally, anecdotes from the childhood of my siblings and me, but stretched to include items of various other kinds.

Literary work of J.B. Blair: My brother Richard and I are engaged in a project to bring together the writings of our father, a journalist and fiction writer, and to give a commentary.  This project has led to the publishing of a book, Blown to Blazes and Other Works of J.B. Blair, discussed on a website jimblairfiction.

Other Interests

Other science and philosophy.  These interests include:

  •  aspects of philosophy  (This section is by far the largest within the “Other Interests” page; the other sections on that page are quite brief.)
  • physics (some of the more fundamental aspects); and psychology of happiness and suffering.